Charities and Non-Profits

Charities and Non-Profits

Want to make a huge difference? Here are some ways you can do the most good with your donations and support some of the best charities in the world.

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With GarageSaleEasy you can now donate with ease!  Selling unwanted items now has a new benefit.  Our E-commerce platform allow you to sell items and donate some of the proceeds to your favorite charity, nonprofit, or group.

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Setting up Donations

Getting money for unwanted items is a popular way to earn extra income and you can send a portion of your sales to your favorite charity with no extra steps. You and your charity can receive instant payments via PayPal® within seconds.

Who can Donate

Anyone can donate to your favorite charity. You are in full control. As a registered merchant on our ecommerce platform, you can set who you want to receive funds. You can elect to send to one of our pre-registered charities or add your own charity to receive the funds.


One of the easiest ways to generate donations is with the GaragesSaleEasy platform. Organizers can start a fundraiser where all or portion of the proceeds sold go to your group or nonprofit at the time of each sale. Funds are immediately available after each sale.

Tax Deductible

Get a Tax Deduction for your donations. The IRS imposes several rules for claiming a deduction for charitable contributions. Please check with your tax advisor regarding tax laws and rules in your area.


Helping with community couldn't be easier with GarageSaleEasy! You can organize a community garage sale where people bring their unwanted items to sell. Proceeds can be directly transmitted to one or more designated charities, nonprofits, or organizations.

Helping Schools

Teachers and students all over the U.S. need your help to bring their classroom dreams to life. What better way to raise money for classrooms with the sale of unwanted items. You can organize a school rummage sale with the proceeds going directly to your favorite school(s).

Looking for Fundraiser Ideas?

GarageSaleEasy is a Simple Way to Raise Funds for your Local Tea, School, Charity, NonProfit, Group, or Community.  Our e-commerce platform allows you to sell unwanted items and donate any and all proceeds to your favorite causes.

Our goal is to help local nonprofits—such as schools, sports teams, community groups and other charitable organizations—generate revenue to support their missions. Our easy to use platform allows you to organize a sale, promote it via our websites & mobile apps,accept payments, and disburse the funds as you see fit.

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